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"My daughter loves playing 'Twinkle Twinkle Little Star'. She can hear when she doesn't hit the right key, which amazes me. She is also able to sing the song as she plays and stays in tune and stays with the notes as she sings. It's almost as if she is reading the words to the song. She is only 4 and does not know how to read yet. She also loves practicing. We can't wait to learn how to play the other songs! It also makes me feel good that I was able to teach this to her!"

Why Learn Piano?

Child Piano Lessons: The Benefits of Music Education for Children

With the help of a good teacher, most kids will do well on a standardized math test. Doing well on a standardized math test is not the same as understanding or mastering math. If kids are to compete in the high tech world, they need to be able to master difficult math concepts. Children who don't grasp these concepts at an early age risk getting left behind. Preschool music activities, such as beginner piano lessons, are important to early childhood brain development. By integrating music and math through preschool piano lessons, you can help your child be successful in school.

The Relationship Between Music and Math

Dr. Frances Rauscher of the University of Wisconsin and Dr. Gordon Shaw of the University of California have studied the relationship between math and music for many years. They compared the effects of musical and nonmusical training on the intellectual development of preschoolers.

Children who received preschool piano lessons performed 34% higher on tests measuring spatial-temporal ability than other preschoolers. The kids who received preschoo piano lessons could think in pictures and see those pictures moving or changing shape over time. From this research, it is clear that preschool music lessons are effective in teaching math through music. Developing an ability in music enhances math skills, giving children an advantage in science, engineering, and other math-related subjects.

Effective Preschool Music Activities: Piano for Preschoolers

Of the few preschool piano resources available for preschoolers, most use gimmicks or cartoon characters to teach young children. This is distracting for the child and doesn't prepare them for further music study. It is questionable whether such beginning piano lessons for kids can reproduce the results seen in the various studies integrating music with math concepts.

With Piano for Preschoolers, your preschooler will be playing real music on real keys from the very start. While the color coded notes guide them, they are actually seeing and playing real piano music. These preschool piano lessons simply allow children to learn music at a younger age and to take advantages of all the benefits that go along with it. The benefits of piano lessons are numerous and can last a lifetime.

Research References: The Benefits of Piano Lessons for Children

The following research discusses the connection between preschool music activities and early childhood brain development.

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