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 The Piano for Preschoolers beginner piano music teaches children to read real music notes and to play them on real keys from the very start. While the color coding guides them, the kids are actually seeing and playing real music. These beginning piano lesson plans simply allow children to learn music at a younger age. The benefits of music education for children are numerous and can last a lifetime.

Preschool Music Activities: Kids Piano Music and Beginning Piano Lessons for Children

Music activities for preschool aged children prepare them for the sucess in school that will open many doors in the future. Before you know it your preschooler will be in school all day and his afternoons will be filled with sports and other activities. Now is your chance to encourage early childhood brain development by teaching your child how to play the piano.

By simply ordering Piano for Preschoolers today, your children can realize the benefits of playing piano. Your preschooler will gain an advantage in school, understand the relationship between music and math, and most importantly, acquire a lifelong love of music. Who knows where a beginner piano music class may lead?

Teach Your Child Piano with Piano for Preschoolers

The Piano for Preschoolers preschool music lessons include everything your preschooler needs to master beginning piano. For only $17.00 (less than the cost of one private lesson), you can teach your child piano.

When You Purchase Piano for Preschoolers Music Lessons, You'll Receive:

  • Beginning piano book containing 17 familiar beginner piano songs written in color-coded notes on a traditional musical staff
  • 17 Track CD with voice-over "count aloud" for each song in the music book
  • Coordinating color strip that sits behind the keys of your piano or keyboard to guide your preschooler to the correct key
  • A second color strip to fit securely on most quality electronic keyboards with mini-keys
  • Parent/Teacher Guide that includes step-by-step instructions for teaching each of the 19 music lessons


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