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"Piano for Preschoolers is an exciting, affordable teaching method that includes all of the concepts necessary for preschoolers to master beginning piano. Each lesson introduces a specific concept that is applied with a corresponding song. The system includes a Parent/Teacher Guide with step-by-step instruction for each song in the songbook. The well-written Guide walks parents/teachers through each concept and provides everything necessary to effortlessly teach each piano/keyboard lesson."

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Exciting Preschool Music Activities: Beginning Piano Songs and Piano Lessons for Kids

Each beginner piano lesson is so much fun, the children don't realize they're learning.

Piano for Preschoolers is an effective piano teaching method that uses color-coded notes written on a traditional music staff to teach beginner piano lessons to children. A color strip sits behind the keys and guides the child to the correct key for each note. This method of teaching preschool music allows children to begin playing piano as soon as they know their colors.

With the Piano for Preschoolers preschool music lessons, children instantly play songs they recognize. Once they experience the pride of performing the first few songs, they have the motivation to continue to learning piano. As the beginning piano lessons progress, each new song builds upon the previous song--constructing a solid music foundation. Preschoolers easily master beginning piano concepts, and teaching preschoolers piano should be fun and rewarding.

Teaching Preschool Music Lessons

With Piano for Preschoolers, you can teach your child piano even if you've never played a note in your life.

You are your child's first teacher.

If you encouraged your preschooler as he learned to walk and talk -

If you taught your preschooler to recognize colors -

If you sang the ABC song in the car or in the checkout line -

If you've ever moved your finger along as you read bedtime stories -

You can teach your child beginning piano with Piano for Preschoolers.

Piano for Preschoolers includes a parent/teacher guide with step-by-step instructions for each song in the beginner piano book. This guide walks you through the music concept each piano song is teaching. If it's been a long time since you studied music--or even if you've never played a note in your life--this guide has everything you need for effortlessly teaching your child how to play the piano.

Making Preschool Piano Lessons Enjoyable

To reap the benefits of piano lessons for children, kids must enjoy the lessons enough to continue. The fact is that millions of children start piano lessons only to quit shortly thereafter. Their parents eagerly wait until they are 6 or 7 years old to enroll them in private piano lessons or a group piano class. The kids quickly get bored practicing the same few notes over and over again, and before long, it becomes a fight to get the kids to practice. Soon, the hassle of pursuing piano lessons for kids just isn't worth the cost--financially or emotionally. Consequently, these children never get a chance to develop a love of music and the improved math skills that naturally go with it. There is a strong relationship between math and music,and by teaching piano to your children, you will help them acquire critical math skills.

With Piano for Preschoolers, kids can play the piano as soon as they recognize their colors. Preschoolers have so much fun playing for their family and friends, they don't realize they are applying the concepts of each piano lesson. As they joyfully play the kids piano songs again and again, they are cementing the building blocks for enhanced learning later in school.

When You Purchase Piano for Preschoolers Music Lessons, You'll Receive:

  • Beginning piano book containing 17 familiar kids piano songs written in color-coded notes on a traditional musical staff
  • 17 Track CD with voice-over "count aloud" for each song in the music book
  • Coordinating color strip that sits behind the keys of your piano or keyboard to guide your preschooler to the correct key
  • A second color strip to fit securely on most quality electronic keyboards with mini-keys
  • Parent/Teacher Guide that includes step-by-step instructions for teaching each of the 19 music lessons

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