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"I think this would be a worthwhile purchase for any family with youngsters. Research does show that music instruction at an early age is a huge benefit with academics later on. This product gives parents an easy way to introduce music to their little ones."
Teacher's Evaluation from Learning Magazine

What People Are Saying

What people are saying about the Piano for Preschoolers beginning piano lessons for kids:

"Although I studied piano for years, even was a music major at one point, I found it impossible to teach my toddler to play the piano.  I found this program and figured it would be just what we needed.  I have to admit that I'm still surprised at just how quickly my son started to play.  He was excited to open the package himself and was even more excited to start playing the piano; that's no small thing for an impatient 4-year-old.  No sooner than we opened the package, was he playing the first song! This program is simple and absolutely brilliant.  After using the program for a couple fo months, we are now starting to learn the notes on a staff.  I recommend this to anyone.  Even if a parent doesn't have a background in music, it's just so straight forward.  Now ... if someone could come up with a program that teaches kids to put their toys away. "

NYCchick - NYC, Manhattan

"This course presents the study of piano in a non-intimidating, fun way for both parent and child. My 5-year-old was able to play Twinkle Twinkle Little Star on the very first day!  She played for her neighborhood friends, and it made her whole first exposure to piano study so poisitve that she has practiced every day since.  If you are looking for a way to teach your child to play piano that won't turn them off, then search no further.  This course has everything you need to get started.  I also recommend the Holiday Song Book made by Piano for Preschoolers.  My daughter had lots of fun entertaining the family with holiday songs, and the format for the songs found in the Holiday Song Book is the same as with the basic course, giving your childr more songs to practice.

S. MacDonald - Texas

I purchased this program for my 4-year-old daughter after researching several programs/books that claim to be the best for introducing piano to young ones.  I also checked with a friend of mine who majored in music and teaches piano; and she said this was a good system to start with because it teaches sight reading from the very beginning versus trying to undue bad habits later.  The child plays the notes by looking at the colors on the grand staff, and then playing those colors on the piano/keyboard. My daughter learned which notes were higher on the keyboard versus lower in just 2 lessons.  She plays the songs in the book everyday and doesn't even know that she's learning to recognize notes.  I highly recommend this program if you would like to introduce your preschooler to the piano in a fun and rewarding way. 

Song Mama - San Jose, CA


"Fun, new system allows parents without any musical background to teach their preschoolers to play the piano -- and it actually works. It's an amazing technique that creates fun right into the learning process...all of our kids enjoyed it!"
Jodie Lynn - Syndicated parenting/health expert, Parent to Parent CEO/Founder of www.AddingWisdomAward.com, the only award program to ever be honored by Disney


"Piano for Preschoolers is an exciting, affordable teaching method that includes all of the concepts necessary for preschoolers to master beginning piano. Each lesson introduces a specific concept that is applied with a corresponding song. The system includes a Parent/Teacher Guide with step-by-step instruction for each song in the songbook. The well-written Guide walks parents/teachers through each concept and provides everything necessary to effortlessly teach each piano/keyboard lesson."

Review in The LINK, a division of Modern Media

"My daughter loves playing 'Twinkle Twinkle Little Star'. She can hear when she doesn't hit the right key, which amazes me. She is also able to sing the song as she plays and stays in tune and stays with the notes as she sings. It's almost as if she is reading the words to the song. She is only 4 and does not know how to read yet. She also loves practicing. We can't wait to learn how to play the other songs! It also makes me feel good that I was able to teach this to her!"

"Last Sunday my daughter gave her first recital. She played five songs for the family. She was just beaming with pride after each song - it was priceless. She can't wait to schedule her next performance and is already hard at work on learning new songs. I'm so happy with Piano for Preschoolers program. I don't play piano but have been able to work with my 4-year-old daughter and I'm leaning right next to her!"

"My son absolutely loves practicing the songs from the Piano for Preschoolers songbook. Even after his first try he was proud and excited about what he had done. I found him sitting down to practice several times that same day, without any prompting! And the enthusiasm of that first experience has continued throughout the following weeks.

Thank you for developing such an easy and fun program for my preschooler to get started learning the piano, and at the same time giving his self-confidence a boost. He is so proud in fact, that he asks anyone who walks through our front door to listen to him play a song."
Brandi Peterson, Mother of Dylan, Age 4

"Not having any musical experience, I was unsure that I would be able to teach my pre-schooler how to play the keyboard. After the first lesson I was surprised at how easy the program was to follow and more importantly how excited my daughter was to actually be playing a song on her keyboard! The days following our first lesson my daughter would ask me if we could 'have piano lessons today.' She has had so much fun learning how to play the familiar songs and I have had just as much fun teaching her!"
Jennifer D., California

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